Wednesday, November 11, 2009

nano+heat=grumpy grumpy exhausted catherine.

to be perfectly honest
i am sick of the lying. 

yes, its the weather guide. it keeps lying to me. 
and i don like it.

first it was going to be twenty three on monday, and i was excited
twenty. bloody. seven. 

i keep thinking that this is a heat wave, and that it will pass. then i realise this is the temperature. reason why i dont like it? well, one is because i am not near any beach or water. and that means i don't like the heat. reason two? it is bloody
its not even bloody summer yet. this is because all of those stupid energy wasters.

and people who have their air-cons on sixteen and cause power shortages so we all have to boil when it is forty-something degrees.

sorry for being so grumpy. i actually had a really good day, until the tram home, when i totally died from heat intake or something.

anyway, x's and o's from my grave of boiling heat, catherine. 

ps. my mum says i can have the day of if the temperature reaches over forty, i am excited
pps. sorry if my next few blogs are crap, 
nano + heat = grumpy grumpy exhausted catherine
ppps. i love you all :)


Miffie said...

It is 39 degrees here at the moment. It is 9.09 PM. It gets over 40 degrees most days, mid-summer. Trust me, you have nothing to complain about.

Kipa said...

i hope you resurrect from your blog. Where I live, in Madrid, Spain, it is getting cold and I am hoping for a little heat. Just the other way round =).
You have an award waiting in my blog. Enjoy =)

مى said...

It's still pretty sunny here during the day, I can't wait for some cold weather!

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