Monday, November 9, 2009

my day just picked up considerably.

even though it is ridiculously hot, my day just got a bit better
my mum just told me new broccoli is growing in our garden, which is awesome
but, for the awesome news. even awesomer than broccoli, i have been given an award, my first award (*jumps up and down on the sofa extatically, until brother pushes me back into said sofa) by the fabulously adorable and halarious Miffie (thank you thank you thank you). 

seven apparently little known facts about me. 
1. I have a rather large family, three brothers, too many cousins to count, but only one girl first cousin. Does this seem fair to you?
2. I love the rain, because it feels like a fresh start.
3. Even on hot nights, I sleep with at least one foot under the blanket, because then I feel protected. It has to be scientifically proven, if you are under the blankets, you cannot be attacked.
4. I am happy when my nails are painted bright colours.
5. In hot weather, I get irritable unless I am near water.

the conditions for the next fantastical winners

1. thank whoever gave this to you 
2. copy award

3. post it in your blog

4. tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. link 7 new bloggers

6. notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. keep being awesome

the blogs that i think thoroughly deserve this award

mary janice , athena , phoebe , michelle 

and i shall stop there, for risk of being repetitive.

the big bang theory is on. 
must dash

catherine, x's and o's and i am too excited to write any more


Loz said...

I can only see five facts...
But lovely, as always :)

Janice said...

thank you catherine!

Erimentha said...

i am happier when i colour my nails too!

xx look! you have lots of new followers ;) coincidence? i think not! lol

xxx eri

Miffie said...

:D So happy your feeling better; and you totally deserve it. Stay cool (hehe, i made a joke).


Phoebe! said...

Thankyou so so much :D
I'm really glad you're feeling better as well