Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sun. ew.

i rode home. 
it was 35.9 degrees. 

five kilometres. eugh. 

my school doesn't even have a certain temperature where we don't have to do, seriously. all they do is take twenty minutes out of our lunchtime and call it a shortened day. how lame. i am more of a, either twenty degrees or under, but even twenty five is nice. anything above twenty seven or eight, is too hot. picky, i know. and plus, you would expect me to be more tolerant because i lived in cambodia for three years, and it is thirty degrees every day there. but the thing is that is like wet (hehehe *wink wink*) heat, and here in ye olde australia, i can smell the tar burning. i swear. sorry, i'm ranting, but it is very calming. 

car drivers are ridiculously stupid. seriously. about four near death experiences (at no fault of my own) on a twenty minute ride? that seems a bit. excessive

i have to go council a friend, byeeee. 

catherine, x's and o's from her frightened state.


Erimentha said...

hope your friend is ok.

and as for you, CALM CALM CALM! :) smile.

today was very hot i know, eat a golden gaytime though and i guarantee you'll feel better!


Janice said...

oh my golly gosh
today was so hot i could almost hear the sun scorching over me!
so, so hot
it's not even summer yet
umm, what the hell?

have a great day catherine