Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas wishing, loving, and wanting.

And I won't go I won't sleep I can't breathe 
Until you're resting here with me 

i love the smell of the rain hitting the hot pavement
and i love how me and my little brother feel rebellious when we go through the presents underneath the christmas tree. 
and i especially love the christmas tree smell that intoxicates my living room
and i love summer storms
and flashing fairy lights. 

and so i sit here, in the extension of my house, listening to my grandparents being incompetent about technology, my father being the ever patient giant, and watching the rain thunder down onto the garden. and so here and now, i wish you all the happiest christmas you can imagine.


pearl. said...

oh merry chirstmas too!
hope yo hve a lovely day and start to the new year.
mmm the smell of rain hitting the hot pavement is so unimaginably lovely!
Pearl xo

Erimentha said...

wow, you sound like you are having the BEST christmas ever!

:) smiles.

merry xmas! have a amazing day!

Athena. said...

i love this :)
have a merry christmas, lovely!

Loz said...

I looove the smell of christmas tree!
Merry Christmas!

♥ MissyMoo ♥ said...

Nice blog!