Thursday, January 14, 2010

inside all of us is hope

I never loved nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds

have you ever wondered why?
questioning everything means you are never question-less. 

i've gotten myself in a bit of trouble, but ill figure it out, because i don't let go of hope. 
hope never abandons you, you abandon it. 

i have mango and raspberry licorice, im happy. its so yummy and so sticky-between-your-teethy. how could you not love it? and its my mothers birthday tomorrow, and i should go wrap her present. and i am very excited because its my fifteenth birthday in less than a month, yayers. i have decided not to take life for granted, i have decided to, make the best of it, focus on the people i love, focus on the good, not the bad, and such like things. i also have to say, mao's last dancer is a fantastic book, i watched the movie first and have just read the book, and its really fabulous. and i have made a vow not to let my children grow up in a bubble world of thinking everything is ohk, i want them to grow up with reality, so they can make it better. i lived in cambodia for three years, and it did open my eyes to the world, i want to travel more, i wish to, again be on a plane every six months to go to yet another strange country. sorry if im rambling, one last thing, what do you all think of the new title banner? it will probably still change again, as i fail epically at being decisive (only at some things though) , and i changed the bottom bit slightly, very slightly, and do you guys have any suggestions on how to improve it? you're all so awesome that you probably have even more awesome suggestions. 

i just got back from the beach, waves where enormous, yayers. 
i send you all love from south australia,now, to go eat more licorice, wrap presents, and have a shower.

piglet: how do you spell love?
pooh: you dont spell it, you feel it

piglet: will we be friends forever pooh?
pooh: even longer piglet.


Athena. said...

oh, lovely catherine, i know what you mean. i've not been lucky enough to visit cambodia, but i do help out a lot at "fred's van", where we distribute food to those without homes, and just, wow, it makes me feel like i'm a little, a lot incomplete, because how could i be anything else when there are people out there every single night, alone, but then it makes me so unbelievably happy that there are amazing people that help out every single day of their lives and it's as though i could burst, because the world is changing and more people are getting involved, and just, wow.

oh and, south australia?! hey, hey! I live in adelaide!
that's totally cool, right?
i got home just in time for the heatwave, which i spent at the beach (glenelg), haha.
and i suppose i'm suffering from my brain melting because i'm rambling.
i hope you're having a wonderful time,
and find so many, many reasons to smile.


sabine cara said...

oh goodie, you changed it back to A life :)
i love the picture at the top.
this comment don't really compare to athena's

xx scarzz

LoliTa said...

i like your blog it makes me think... and i love the list of things on the right- all very true!