Sunday, February 21, 2010

become the person you want to be (cue fluttery feeling in stomach)

but your hug just felt very honest. 

you make my dreams come true
you know those moments in movies, 
when you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and then feel silly? i love those moments. 

you weren't supposed to mean that much to me
and i wasn't supposed to fall in love with

i love the moment when you tell me you like me
i love the moment when i jump (literally and figuratively *smiles*)
i love the moments when we hug
i love the moments when you feel hope
i love the moments when you say 'i love you'
i love all the moments that make me feel fuzzy inside
and i love the moments of happy endings

i am unbelievably excited. want to know why? sabine is taking me to see up in the air after school tomorrow. which not only looks like an awesome movie, but it also has george cloony in it. who is like......alkejwlign. yummy.  on a completely different subject. i hate flys. so so so so much. i think they actually have it out for me. like they are like 'zomfg theres catherine lets go attack her'. and on yet another seperated note, sabine linked me to her first male blogger - jokerman. its very exciting. im very happy. 

lots of love, catherine
and suddenly, just like that, the bubble bursts. 

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Tia in the Sky said...

those moments are the greatest, and in terms of movies - that romeo and juliet moment happens to be one of them!! *sigggggh*