Monday, February 22, 2010

when was it supposed to get this confusing?

you confuse me. you make my stomach go fuzzy. my heart says yes. 
i want you to be my little secret. forever? 
but why? im just messed up. 
thats why. 

But we're willing to wait on you
We believe in everything that you can do
If you could only lay down your mind

blogging brings out a side of me that i had no idea existed,
 it brings out the truth in me. 
not the silly truth. the deep down, real truth.
 i could list all the real truths for you if you want.
 here are some: half of my friends aren't real friends at all,
 i secretly want you, and at the same time, i publicly dont.
 i feel pretentious, but i like it. i feel guilty a lot of the time. 
and the people i love truly, are the ones that make me smile without realising it. 
 and thats the truth. 

i should write about my day, but what is there to write? i went to school (check), i flirted (check), i was really really horny for abs (check), i made several realisations (check), i saw up in the air (check), and once again realised that george clooney is a gorgey monster (check), i found a new song i am obsessed with (check). i thought 'what if?' (check). i said hello to my blog (check). and i listened to my brother play piano (check). all these things took over my thoughts. and i wasn't even thinking about how much you piss me off. 


pearl. said...

blogging has definitly brought out my creative side. i like your truths, they make me feel normal (to a degree!)
what song are you obsessed with? i love new music!
love the polaroid!
Pearl xo

Erimentha said...

:) really really enjoyed this catherine!

your insights are great.


Athena. said...

Blogging helps me to truly feel everything. Truths, truths, truths.
I loved this :)