Thursday, March 25, 2010

'and i know its way past lunchtime, but i love you lily, more and more each day'

what do you think about when you lie awake at night? 
can i run away to a city of no name, just for a day? i want to sit on the cliff top,  feel the ocean in the air, and i want to wonder about nothing. i want to see the stars, i want be free, a part of the sea, a part of the sand.  and now there is a happiness creeping up on me, maybe its you, maybe its just everything coming together. maybe, finally, im letting myself be real. 

great. thanks a fucking lot. 

this thing that im feeling, i have no idea what it is. but for once in my life, i dont mind being confused. because you make me smile, and somehow, thats enough.  

the lovely sanchezy 
(also known as n.s.i.t. but you are only authorized to call her n.s.i.t if you are the other half of the n.s.i.t twinship)
 has made a lovely group blog, and has be'd lovely and invited me to join it.
 it officially opened on tuesday (i thinky think)  and its basically about, to quote pink floyd:
'two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, going over the same old ground, haven't you found, the same old thing, wish you were here'. 

"heaven is a place on earth, they say in heaven love comes first, we'll make heaven our place on earth"


~Abby~ said...

Your blog is awesome. It always makes me think. :)

sanchez said...


I lovey love loooove your blog.

What do I think about when I lie awake at night?
I think about all the things that hurt me, about all the moments I could have done, and all the things I should of said.

But it doesn't matter how many times I think, or wonder,
because I always forget about it when I dream.

Your posts always mean so much to me :)

Athena. said...

your posts are always so enchanting and thoughtful!
Also, I love How I Met Your Mother quotes :')

lily. said...

just came across your blog, it is amazing. i love it :)

Felix Curds said...

at night I think deep thoughts, though there not nowhere near as whimsical as I want them to be! *sigh.

Anonymous said...

At night I think of too much. Often times it's what keeps me from falling asleep because there's always something repeating itself. Most of the time it's about how much things have changed in the past two years and how fast its gone and i'm still kind of trying to process everything. I've been hit by a car, diagnosed with PTSD, gone through therapy (and continue to), had an awesome boyfriend then lost an awesome boyfriend and as of now i'm learning to deal with everything on my own

Camelgirl said...

Umm... well sorry?
I suggested it to you quite a while ago and you didn't do anything so...?
But I can cancel it...?

Azz. said...

wow, your blog is amazing. I love your look and all your images. its very cute (:
keep up the beautiful work. x