Sunday, March 21, 2010

'girls love musicians right, even the really weird ones get girlfriends'

the adorable sabine tagged me for cassies therapy video.
its a truly loverly bloggy tag made by eri
im going to tag it onto my beautiful non-identical-twin sanchezy,
 the deeply emotional athena (i hope this makes you a little bit happy)
and pearl, because she is gorgeous. 

rules? tasks? 
 fill in all the likes & hates, like cassie. and dont even think about getting rid of the bolded words. then link it back to me, and three blogs you admire :)

Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys with english accents and girls with the ability to argue.
I like feeling warm and fuzzy from a moment in love actually. 

I like 
my nails when they look nice

I like 
I like 
disney movies.

I like 
I like playing halo with my brothers.
I like josh thomas.
I like books.
I like my curly hair, sometimes.
I like lying in the sun, reading bad vampire books.
I like the sound of typing.
I love how rain makes me think of people.
Today I made a yummy coffee milkshake.

In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular
I like things that I like but I love everything
There’s more choice in like
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate

I hate people who run away from their problems. 
I hate cars.
I hate colin firth and his on screen kissing.
I hate
bananas and australia.

I hate 
I hate that strand of love that holds us together but in a way, i never want to loose it.
I hate people who leave.
I hate 
 how im so protective of them. 
I hate this, wow. . . 


Phoebe! said...

I love your post title! that's one of my favourite stories from that movie. also, josh thomas is tres adorable.

sanchez said...

love it :D
Gosh, twin, now I have to think of something to write!

p.s. Disney movies, are seriously my life.

Athena. said...

you're so sweet :)
haha, sorry for being such a mess lately,
i'll definitely do this soon, i think eri tagged me, too :')
loved your loves, by the way.

pearl. said...

oh thankyou my dear!
i just love this tag, its so fun to do :)
you are amazing.
Pearl xo

~Abby~ said...

I absolutely heart your blog, and this post. :)

tiffany said...

you have a beautiful blog! ^__^

xo tiffany

≈ Jennifer said...

I found your blog through We just don't know you yet! I am also a blogger on there! You have a gorgeous blog & I love Skins! :) This is a beautiful post!

P.S. am following you ! x