Friday, March 12, 2010

come fly with me (there must be something more)

how fucking sucky are the days which you build up in your head as being fabulous, everything goes perfect, and then they let you down like shit. its like, i was so sure it was going to be great. i was so alive, and then suddenly, it was like the bubble burst. i was back in the reality. part of me wishes that it was just her screwing it all up, but maybe, just maybe,  it was me waking up from the dream. and now i really just don't have a fecking clue what to do. 

 i was thinking, life is like those tiny necklace clasps that are really hard to clip up. and you keep trying but your finger keeps slipping and they snap back shut. and sometimes, people give up and put on a bracelet. but then there are the people  who spin it around and do it up at the front. and im one of the people who try to spin it around and get it stuck in their hair. 

i was planning on writing something about the people who i can bitch to about anything, and how they are just awesome. and i was going to write about they people that i hate/love/feel like killing/love hugging. but, i just got annoyed at myself. so, instead of, in turn, annoying you by writing nonsense that you probably cant understand, i will say hello to my sixtieth follower. thank you to all my followers. i love you all, a lot and a lot and a lot. because you are just that awesome. *lafmlwmalejfalewuf* that was my hello noise. im still annoyed, oh well. im a bit weird like that, don't let it trouble you youngins'. love catherine. (interesting note: guys spell my nickname 'catty', always, and girls spell it 'cati', always. weird eh?)

so where is the passion when you need it the most
you kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

and im worried that im falling for the wrong guy,  he makes me feel an almost unbelievable happiness.


sanchez said...

Oh Catherine.
That is how i feel.
that nonsense-strange-fuck!-I wish-I-knew-what-to-do-or-say feeling.


pearl. said...

oh and i'll join you in your weirdness by saying hello *hoolagomingy* :)

i know what you mean.
about everything.
i love your analogy with the necklace clasp :)
weird abouthow guys and girls spell your nickname, i love seeing ow people think, its so interesting!
Pearl xo

sabine cara said...

aah x)

you cant choose who you fall in love with, ever, and it'll be quite often the wrong guy which just sucks shite face :)

xx scarzz

Camelgirl said...

i love your analogy with the necklace clasp! :)

omfg-vivian said...

beautifully written catherine,
i love the opening paragraph the most xx