Friday, March 19, 2010

'that'll warm your heart'

what do you call those moments that make you feel lovely inside, and when, just for a second, you feel like you could fly.  you make me feel this sense of happiness, of freedom, that i thought i had lost, you make me feel joyful again. but sometimes i just wish that i wasn't falling for you.  

today was one of those days when i realised something; i've grown up.
 not in the amazing 'now i can drive a motorbike' way
  not even in the 'i drink behind my parents back, how rebellious of me' way.
 it was in a 'im not insecure anymore' way. and it feels kind of nice. 

please, love someone who gives you butterflies. 


sabine cara said...

Good for you :)

oooooh cati's in lurve :)

xx scarzz

Camelgirl said...

I love this. :)
'and when, just for a second, you feel like you could fly'
'please, love someone who gives you butterflies.'

sanchez said...
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~Abby~ said...

I very much ♥ your blog, it always makes me think, especially this post. :)

Felix Curds said...

Having someone to love is nice. Having someone to love you back is even better! I adore the "darling" quote and think that growing up in that way is the ultimate...

Erimentha said...

yay! our cati is happy again! :) im so trilled for you!


Phoebe! said...

Yaaay insecurity's a bitch!

pearl. said...

iknow what you mean about growing up. sometimes i think i have then sometimes im not so sure.
i'm glad your happy :)
i want to love someone who gives me buttrfies.... but who??
Pearl xo