Thursday, March 4, 2010

*is missing how i met your mother, and procrastinating an awful lot*

lets get re-introduced, like at an alcoholics anonymous meeting. my name is catherine, i fear i am a snob. i like roses and daises and buying flowers.  i like writing cards, and i hate being pressured. animals make me sad and happy all at the same time. i like supermarkets. i like airy fairy emotional blogs, and very rarely like the ones about every day life. am i weird like that? 

i hate calling my book a diary, for i fear i will never write in it. i love words like fear, loiter, and wonder. french phrases are kinda cool, and i like my blogs to be pretty. i like to swear, i like to write. and i like to be organized. i like my music, and hate yours. i judge people an awful lot, and talk about myself to much. my hair is curly, questions make me happy. hugs are my home. and gossiping makes me go rargh. rawr means i love you in dinosaur.

hello stranger. 
introduce yourself?


pearl. said...

Hi there, I'm Pearl. I'm get too excited about little things. I laugh uncontrollably when i lie on my back. I am a crunchy-grape addict. I love newsagents. I hate people, sometimes. Most of the time i love them. I want tocure word hunger.
I'm scared if i say too much about someting that hasn't happen it won't happen. I love organization. when can't sleep i clean my room.
Kalamata olives are the best kind of olives. I want to travel.I want to leave everything behind. I never want to leave.

This was fun, thankyou.
Pearl xo

Athena. said...

Hello, my name is Athena and I fall in love too much. I like hand holding and heart stopping, and seeing love letters slip under doors. I enjoy French films, and I'm not so sure why. I also adore French phrases; I think they are most pretty. I love the words liquefy, delicate and elegant. People who laugh a lot, I love. I read too much. I would rather read 'airy fairy emotional blogs', and I wish mine were more like those. I love your words but hate my own.
I fear for inadequacy and letting down the ones I love. I wish I cared more about myself, but in the grand scheme of things, what does it matter if I get hurt, right?
Evidently, I ramble on far too much and must write shorter comments.

I loved doing this :)

sanchez said...

Hi, I'm Sanchez,
But I'm actually called a lot of things.
I don't really know who I am, or what I'm meant to do with my life. I think too much of myself at times, and sometimes think too little. I hate feeling indecisive and I'm pretty sure I have an on going paranoia. I hate what I've done with my life. But I'm also kind of glad I did it. I've had a lot of lows, and highs and confusing moments. and I get angry with myself and others too much.

I'm pretty much just me. I adore change and I seem to fall in love with everyone I met.

I don't think I'll ever be able to get over anything (or anyone), because I keep it in my heart.

from me.

sabine cara said...

Argh, I love this blog and all the responses heaps!

Hai, I'm Sabine.
I fall in love with the wrong people. I get jealous easily. I have an obsession with britain and all of its accomplishments. Music is the interspace of my world. my imagination causes me to dream like there's no tomorrow. I hate boom gates and non-moving escalators but I love swimming and writing.
I love my friends but I hate how attached I get to them because when they break my heart I fall to pieces.

I love laughing and chocolate is my pure drug. I plan my life out according to what I'm feeling that day. I hate fighting but I love supporting.

And I love the assurance of it being there, but I hate how it never is.

xx scarzz

JS. said...

Hi, I am me. I don't like my real name, I don't like labels either. I know I started this with two dislikes but there are truly a lot of things I like. I like everyhing. I like strangers. I like strangers that smile at me. I like feathers and finding things I've lost. I'm chaotic and crazy and I do random things without thinking about them. I have a new favorite color every day. I like someone that I shouldn't like, but I can't help myself.

I like this post, I like your blog, I like you :)

Camelgirl said...

Hello, my name is Lauren. I care too much about the wrongs things, and not enough about the right things. I get upset easily, and then I get mad at myself for getting upset so easily. I like doing things that make me feel alive, like dancing in the rain. I wish I could fly or dance or sing. I often worry too much and I suspect I am full of envy. I'm always either silent or rambling.
I love wishes and dreams.
I have no idea what I what I want to do in my life besides love.

Great idea, you should have made this a tag or told people to repost this on their blog.


jewnbugg said...

I'm Julia.
I think more than I talk and sometimes that gets me in trouble. i like blogging, painting and air-banding. I have an addiction to Barns&Nobles, Forever21, art stores, Blink182 and Postsecret. I have tendencies to let my emotions take over and to rush into things but I'm learning to put my brakes on. I'm taking time off to learn about myself and to see where my life is going. I like to feel eclectic. All of my friends are guys, and I have 1 girl-best friend but I wouldn't have it any other way. I like meeting people that I instantly get along with and that are as insane as I am.


Elfie said...

My friend says that "rawr" means I want to "eat your heart". I think "rawr" means "I love you". This was quite handy, because it meant that he had no suspicions when i said "rawr" to him.