Sunday, March 14, 2010

'we are the titans'

her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you, she tied you to a kitchen chair
 she broke your throne, and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the hallelujah
i guess, sometimes, all you can do is hope.

im not really sure what to write 
how can i explain it to you when i cant even explain it too myself?
 its so crazy, uncontrolled, i simply can't pin it down.
 all i can think about, is how much i want a hug from that one guy 
that always seems to make it better. 

do you remember when you said: how are you?  and i said: ohk. you said: only ohk? (like i always do) and i said: yeah, just ohk.  that was when it all changed.

"in greek mythology, the titans were 
greater even than the gods. they ruled their
universe with absolute power. well that
 football field out there tonight,
that's our universe. let's rule it like titans"


sanchez said...

Oh Catherine, you seem so up and down at the moment, I hope things stabilize soon and I hope that everything turns out lovely and wonderful just like out of a sappy teenage novel.

Because all I can do is hope.
and thats all anyones ever wanted really.


pearl. said...

Catherine, you're wonderful.
I love the way you set your posts out and your blog layout is like no other.
i love but i hate those little exchanges of words you have with someone special that seem to ring in you ears, and when you think of that one thing you said wrong or right. How someting so little can change everything.
Pearl xo

Felix Curds said...

Hello there. Are you quoting the movie "Remember the Titans" because if so you are rather swonderful. That first picture is so prettyyyyy...