Friday, May 7, 2010

'hey, you're still here' 'yeah, im still here'

"so i try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies 
i try to laugh about it , hiding the tears in my eyes 
'cause boys don't cry"
i guess sometimes, the little things are the only things that can make you smile
but then that smile turns into something bigger, hope. 

"dont think. dont fucking think. because when you think you realise just how fucked up everything really is. you realise you dont know how you got where you are, you dont know where you're going, and you don't know what to do anymore" the only time when i can be truly alive, is at five in the morning, sunrise, walking along my beach. the sun is just appearing, only enough of it to keep me from getting goose bumps and the indents of last nights rain are in the sand. everything seems, untainted, i guess. nothing is ruined or decided. its only existing. and im alive in a world that, if only for a few seconds, seems so amazing, and yet so terrifyingly complicated. and at that moment,  if i jump around and scream a little bit, i feel free. 

please, for me, go look up 'josh and donna - west wing'. 
love, catherine.  


kimmy said...

your blog doesnt match

kimmy said...

in colour, the text. it does not match.

sabine cara said...

hehe, love the title.

i reeeeeeeaallly like the pictures too. especially the make believe one. I have this weird thing sometimes where I think the whole world is fictional.


and yeah uhm, your blog doesn't match, god.


xx scarzz

Camelgirl said...

I love all of this,
from the title,
to the pictures,
to of course the words.
I LOVE that feeling.

Clelia said...

Don't stop to scream... don't if you are free when you do it !

~Abby~ said...

Whoever called your blog shit on formspring IS shit!

Shannon said...

i have given you the sweet blog award my dear, please follow instructions much love.x

Erimentha said...

i'm really glad you have this blog. every so often you articulate my feelings really well and its so cool ^^)


sanchez said...

Oh twin nothing seems so simple anymore.
I want my hope back rather then this anxiousness.
I MISS that feeling.

But I'm too scared to ask for it back

Kipa said...

I hadn't read that quote in such a long time. I love it. I love everything about the post :)



Jokerman said...

i have also given ze sweet blogger award on my blog. read and post!

JS. said...

I love this :)

Frei said...

I looove your BLOG!! WAUW

Ruth said...

i like your thoughts!
pretty blog by the way