Saturday, May 15, 2010

this wasn't supposed to happen to me, im used to how it used to be

twin says: write a love letter to yourself
dear self: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you 
happy birthday dear a life in seven billion, happy birthday to you. from me
"and if you don't think i miss you everyday..." - josh, the west wing
 it is the blogiversary. i guess its a massive thanks to everybody, for commenting, for asking stalkery formspring questions, for you know, not being mean, and for being pretty amazing in general.  the only thing i regret when making this blog is not coming up with a sickass blogger nickname, that, and thinking that purple and red  were a match made in heaven. but what do you guys think? suggestions, improvements, more stalkery questions?
so im in the outdoor pool at six thirty on thursday night doing my squad training, its around nine degrees, lets say. and i jump into the indoor pool and my feet feel all tingly like your tongue does when you suck on a fruit tingle. and thats all very well and good but then i jumped back into the outdoor pool and suddenly its like all my senses are alive. my body goes into shock and then im laughing so hard that i cant stop. then i hugged you and i realised that life was pretty amazing. not everything is perfect amazing. not that superficial shit, but its an 'im smiling and i dont know why' amazing. 
you all make my day, love cdawg (blogger nickname, eh? calm yourself sabine, im joking.) 


sabine cara said...


happy birthday honeyy x)

juno <3

XX scarzz

tywo said...

Happy birthday!
I like the last part. It sounds like the beginning of a wonderful romance. Oh, I love love.
Maybe I'm just a romantic hopeless.(I don't know why I'm smiling as I'm posting this comment).
Anyway, have a good night..

Have a lovely weekend.


sanchez said...

Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy Happy happy happy happy happy BLOGIVERSIARY! (did I spell that right? Cause I know I probably didn't)

Dear a life in seven billion.
You are the angelic spawn (thats a good word in this context maybe I should have used... baby? That's kind of weird) of an amazingly, wonderful, extremely and utterly, inconceivably (and obviously indescribable, as you can see by my over use of adjectives) nice, kind and talented girl. By the name of Catherine. (Cdawg if you will). She's very lovely, and I've only just become her twin this year. But I am very pleased that I am. She's always giving me essay long comments, that aren't just "Oh wow thats super lovely" But more along the lines of how she actually feels
and in some ways I feel like I can understand what she's going through, which is quite... humbling, and nice, and it makes me feel less awkward.
and I hope, A life in seven billion, that you will continue to stay by Catherines (Cdawgs) side, because if you didn't, then I would have never even met her. Or well, read her (?).
Which would have been awful.

My only quarrel with you, is that you should post more. Because I miss your posts. Every time I go on blogger.

So dear a life in seven billion. Tell Catherine (cdawg) next time that she's with you that she is always missed and it's been a wonderful wonderful year and she continues to be an inspiration, for lovely lyrics, posts and pictures.

Sanchez & The Inky Finger Files

Erimentha said...

omg omg omg happy blogaversary cdawgggggggggg!!!!!

wishing you many comments, formspring questions and lovely inspiration for the future.

blog suggestions? make your font a bit bigger, i'm blind so it's hard to read. apart from that, YOU'RE PERFECT!!!!


Camelgirl said...

happy blogiversary c-daawg!
I hope it brings another year of super amazing posts and lovely formspringness :)
By the way I absolutely love the pictures in this post.

JS. said...

Whee congrats!

~Abby~ said...

Happy blogiversary! :) Your blog couldn't get any better.

Athena. said...

I just had mine, isn't it funny looking back on old posts?

Kipa said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! I hope you had a nice one and sorry for missing it :(. I think you are just perfect :).
So just keep posting and being yourself, a life in seven billion.