Monday, June 14, 2010

roses are red, violets are blue, fuck you whore.

this is a tag about love, and how sometimes, you end up crying in the rain. 
all you have to do, is write a paragraph about love, no boundaries. and tag three lovely people. 
i tag: jewnbugg, for she is so inspiring, JS, because she's lovely, and K because she was my hundredth follower
JJ: Just care, OK?  Cook: About what?  JJ: About me! About me, you twat! 

The Beatles got it wrong, we need more than love. There's a part of me never wants to know what love is, never wants to define it. But,  In my head, I guess love is watching an episode of Skins, and feeling tears fall down my cheeks for reasons that I can't explain. An overwhelming sense of emotion spilling out.   But that's all it is, a feeling.  It's not a burden, or something you have to carry through life. It's not something that should haunt you like an evil spirit. It's not defined by the hours you spend with a person, or the sleepovers you spend bitching with your friends. It's the hug you get from your three year old cousin, the feeling you get when you make a difference, or the smile shared across a room that you happen to catch a glance of. We don't always have to love people like the world is ending, sometimes we can love just to feel happy. You can be cynical, keep everything locked inside your heart. You can believe that love will tear us apart, betray us, and even at times seem like it will kill us or you can love and love and love till it hurts and you can smile every time you see the person that makes your stomach flutter. I'm not saying that love won't scar us, brutally attack us, or betray us, I'm just saying, maybe it fixes all those things too. And if we're scared, that means we still have something to loose, maybe it's just something to fight for. In my head, love is everything, and nothing, all at the same time. 


Anonymous said...

This post was amazing. seriously, it is leaving me speakless because of it's honesty that i can relate too.
woah, i'm jelous. :)

dizzymisslizzy said...

This is amazing, I love how you can see the true depth of love. not just the corny exterior:)

I love your blog, truely inspiring.


Anonymous said...

well said!

Camelgirl said...

Wow, you expressed your thoughts really well.
Nice opinion.
I love your new layout!

Ruth said...

Nice new lay-out! And I love the lyrics of 'Hallelujah' in your header :)
Great post by the way !

tegan penny said...

beautiful. absolutely beautiful. you're so talented:)

Anonymous said...

Amazing post. It's beautiful.


JS. said...

This is so beautiful
"maybe it fixes all those things too" instant goosebumps there!

Thanks for tagging me :)

Francesca said...

This is so fucking amazing, and true. It's strange how many of these posts I agree with, no matter how different each of them is. I guess there are just a lot of ways to look at love.

sanchez said...

and finally I comment, I've been such a slack twin lately, and you've been growing into something so awfully lovely. I adore our constant battles to find the balance between the beatles and joy division,
because all you need might not just be love
but its not necessarily going to tear us apart.

and I guess I love a lot of people, in someways, more then others for others. But I think I'm scared of love, because I know it's something to fight for,

but I also know its a chemical inside of us that creates a spark and I'm so fucking scared I don't have the fuse.

what if it never lights up?

Spence. said...

Amazing post :)
Love is terrifying but it's also impossibly wonderful. Even in those fleeting moments between being awake and asleep - when everthing seems so confusing but infact the world is making its most sense, that's sortof what love is.

Fé... said...

Oooowwww, I heart, heart, heart the new look of the blog. The previous one was a bit too crowded that it was difficult to read. Now it's focusing on the post. Job very well done, dear Catherine!

And this is a great piece of writing about love, well not exactly the mainstream where people are adoring love too much, and not that cynical that you don't believe love at all. I think it's a sensible look at it. And I kinda get the feelin :)

Have a sweet day, sweetheart.

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

I love the new look :) If it's still new? :/
Maly Xx.

Anonymous said...

Tears run down my cheeks as I read this.
I love it.